A Bittersweet Victory for Ohio’s Farm Animals

Today Ohioans for Humane Farms reached an agreement with state agribusiness to adopt several measures to protect farm animals.  This agreement is progress, but it is not nearly enough.

The Ohio farm animal advocates had been working to get an initiative (https://hsus.salsalabs.com/o/17002/images/OH%202010%20language.pdf) on the state ballot that would provide a maximum six-year phase out period for veal crates (http://www.peta.org/factsheet/files/FactsheetDisplay.asp?ID=102), gestation crates (http://www.farmsanctuary.org/issues/factoryfarming/pork/gestationcrates.html), and battery cages (http://www.farmsanctuary.org/issues/factoryfarming/eggs/), after which they all would become illegal.  Instead, today’s agreement includes the six-year phase out for veal crates, but a 15-year phase-out period for existing gestation crate facilities, and unending protection for existing battery cage facilities. 

The agreement does include other measures that will improve Ohio’s animal welfare laws:  http://action.farmsanctuary.org/site/MessageViewer?em_id=17801.0&printer_friendly=1

As small as these steps may seem, they are progress.  And that is very sad.


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